1st Quarter 2017 Stoladi News

STOLADI Cares!   In February several members of our team worked together with Catholic Charities “Saint Maria’s Meals Program” to provide healthy meals for families and individuals in need.

STOLADI entered the AOBA TOBY Awards for the SHRM Building at 1800 Duke Street.    Erica Kelly, Guy Wilson and Mike Stepper are leading the charge with the full support of the entire STOLADI team!

Property Management is a service industry, so our product is our people.   On March 30th STOLADI held our 5th annual March Manager’s Meeting.   We reviewed the annual employee survey results with the assistance of an outside consulting team to make sure we have the tools we need to keep our team growing and thriving.  Additionally, diversity training was provided for all staff to ensure the lines of communication remain open throughout our team.

Kathi Snook won 1st place in STOLADI’s annual snowfall prediction contest on March 14th when we received just over 2 inches of snow at Regan National Airport.